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A sexy BWWM marriage romance by Shanade White of BWWM Club. Features another free bonus book. Leslie's a successful physical therapist who loves her job. But her life’s thrown into turmoil when she witnesses a murder by a Russian mob boss. The police want her to testify against him, and she agrees, but has to leave everything behind and live somewhere totally new. Not wanting to twiddle her thumbs waiting for the case, she scores a job as a therapist with a professional football team. And soon she’s falling for hot player Sebastian, a billionaire with a great body and the talent of a star. They have an instant connection, and soon it’s blossoming into something hot and heavy. Things seem to be looking up, but one day a Russian gunman fires a shot in her direction, narrowly missing her. They’ve found her. Leslie and Sebastian go on the run, fleeing to his family’s ranch. But his family won’t help her if they’re not married. And the Russians are closing in by the minute. Will Leslie and Sebastian’s love survive? In fact, will they survive at all? Find out in this gripping, sexy romance by Shanade White of BWWM Club. Suitable for over 18s only due to sex scenes so hot, you’ll desire your own firm, billionaire football player! Look out for stories about Sebastian's billionaire brothers in future.

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Imagine a world where death is merely an inconvenience. A new body awaits and we resume living, fully aware of the past, but at a price -- eternal life as slaves to masters...

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“I am retiring from my life as a superhero and have enclosed my cape. Use it well. Sincerely, Uncle George.”Jo Schmo comes from a long line of crime fighters, but she’s just...

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Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever.Your baby will always be your baby. Whether you're pregnant or a new parent, fill these twelve envelopes with memories and hopes for...

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Sir Robert Peel (1788-1850) was one of the most significant political figures in nineteenth-century Britain. He was also one of the most controversial. In this new,...

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When is the cost of bravery too high? Hatred stalks the streets of Portland, Oregon, and for Raquel, it has hit too close to home. All she wants is to run her café, raise her...

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