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Biblioteca es donde puedes buscar millones de libros y artículos. En su sitio web, la mayoría de los trabajos están en formato PDF, mientras que algunos están en ePUB. Y para obtener el libro Monster Girl que desea, solo tiene que escribirlo y buscarlo, luego haga clic en el nombre para ir a una página con información detallada. Después de eso, puedes volver a hacer clic en su nombre y presionar DESCARGAR para descargar el libro electrónico.

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Viki Mitchell is a victim of bullying. All she wants is to fit in at her new school and join the art class. When Viki and her family move to a new house in Draxon Hollow, she makes both a new friend and enemy. During a Halloween celebration, Viki is humiliated in front of all of Draxon Hollow Elementary by a mean girl at her school. With the guidance of her ghostly grandfather, whom she recently discovered, she devises a plan to teach the bully a lesson. Will she take the darker road and seek revenge? What she does next may be surprising for a Monster Girl. Book 2 NOW Available! "Monster Girl: Ghost in the Attic" available here -

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This book is specially designed in Amazon's fixed-layout KF8 format with region magnification. Double-tap on an area of text to zoom and read. A unique monster-under-the-bed...

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As a teenager, Leonardo da Vinci purportedly painted a monster at his father's request. His monster was so lifelike that his father nearly fainted from fright upon seeing it....

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Monsters - they're real, and they want to date us! Three years ago, the world learned that harpies, centaurs, catgirls, and all manners of fabulous creatures are not merely...

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“The Monster of Tomb Lake” is a hilarious novel about a small town called Tomb, Wyoming, that finds its idea for an annual summer festival in a most unexpected way. The...

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A beautifully illustrated biography of Alexander the Great by a Whitbread Award-winner.Who was Alexander? Myth or man? God or devil? He claimed to be Zeus' son and even in...

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BASED ON TRUE EVENTS: A rabbit youngster is tricked by her Shoulder Demon into engaging in addictive behaviors on the Internet.

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