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Imagine a roundtable of six acclaimed women gifting immeasurable representatives of their life-path while claiming their truth to one haunted being seeking peace. Different as snowflakes, a wholesome balance of flaws, hauntings, and triumphs float through rivers of time and memory, weigh in, expressing perspectives never voiced, while others listen without judgment, assumptions or ridicule. As stories unfold like flickers on a screen, the dynamics of wisdom and inspiration emerge, activate and expand curriculums laze sleeping in fragmented essences. ‘Inch by Inch’ is a gathering of fact and fiction incorporated into the art of storytelling. Interweaving multiple eras, continents, and boundaries to embrace the authenticity of diverse ethnicities, life conditions, and declarations thereof, I entrusted my intuition to guide me to women who gifted their existence to the survival of this illusion we christen home and the mentality of its inhabitants. Then I initiated the challenging but enthralling task of sifting through historical facts to unveil the grander lessons suppressed within the ones narrated for generations. I followed my heart and invited my imagination to weave a windy tapestry within cinemas showcasing the wisdom bestowed by the existence of those who brought us closer to understanding one another; therefore, helping humankind evolve into a unified whole. FIVE STARS from Lesley Jones for Readers’ Favorite: Inch by Inch is a thought-provoking amalgamation of life lessons and stories told from the perspective of inspirational women who overcome adversity to make a difference in the future of humankind. I thoroughly enjoyed this book for several reasons, including the creative and beautifully penned narrative and also the unique idea behind the book. There are many home truths that I have faced since reading this book and I believe every reader will also be blown away with the life lessons throughout. Particular areas that struck a chord with me was how people are so engrossed in their own problems that they do not see the world around them. One quote from the book that will stay with me is: Surrender our power or rise above obstacles and circumstances. Ashe! Ashe! We speak things into existence. Our power is within.

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