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Now reaching its fifth edition, Hans-Peter Feldmann's continually updated Voyeur project is one of the original zeitgeist image-trawls (alongside Gerhard Richter's Atlas). A chaotic compendium of movie stills, photojournalism, ads, amateur photos, art, scientific imagery and much else, it dips into the iconographic whirlpool of our times and presents a world both familiar and utterly bizarre.

The Conversation Series 15. Enzo Mari. Hans Ulrich Obrist Epub Torrent

Text by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Enzo Mari.

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Wendy, John et Michael n'auraient jamais imaginé qu'ils pouvaient voler. Ni qu'ils s'en iraient au Pays Imaginaire, affronter les Indiens et les Pirates du redoutable...

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Peter Moore is back! In this next story in the series, Jonathan Driggs, journeying in search of his love, Gloria Dale, has learned that she was become the mistress of...

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The life and work of James Matthew Barrie, the creator of Peter Pan, is highlighted in this catalogue published in conjunction with the 2005 exhibition at the Yale...

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While ringing in the New Year, Lord Peter Wimsey discovers some old crimes: “A rattling good mystery” (Kirkus Reviews). Lord Peter Wimsey and his manservant Bunter are...

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