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Communication in Nursing, 5e, is one of the leaders in detailing how nurses communicate with their patients. The author takes a spiritual, even artistic approach while at the same time using practical clinical applications; this helps the reader first understand the basic concepts of therapeutic communication , and then apply them to various clinical situations with clients and colleagues alike. Content has a wide array of topics, including being assertive, electronic communication, respect, humor, group communication, confrontation, and requesting support. Chapters are organized into four parts, building from the ground up: Getting Started, Building Relationships, Meeting Challenges, and finally, Building Confidence.With a combination of special features like Moments of Connection, Wit & Wisdom, and Reflections On..., students gain valuable nursing knowledge, but with a personal touch; quotes, stories, and poetry excerpts go beyond the clinical setting and introduce students to empathy and sensitivity and how they are the prerequisites of successful communication in this field. Each chapter closes by offering exercises aimed at reinforcing chapter content and encouraging students to think beyond their years. Suggestions for further reading are also listed for research beyond the classroom.

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Communication In Nursing (communication In Nursing (balzer-riley)) De Epub

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Communication In Nursing (communication In Nursing (balzer-riley)) De Epub

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