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Is there a curious child in your life who wants to know more about the world? Satisfy their curiosity by sending them on a learning and yoga journey through the beautiful country of India. Surprising facts about river dolphins, the population and the sacred Ganges River will keep learners engaged and full of wonder. Not only will children be learning about yoga through poses and movements, but their imaginations will also be soaring during a bonus guided visualization that will have kids feeling what it’s like to travel across India. Buy paperback now to get the ebook for FREE!

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Un libro dedicato a tutti i ragazzi che hanno, o vorrebbero avere, un porcellino d'India, per conoscerne il carattere, sapere cosa dargli da mangiare, come curarlo, come...

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undefined Who are Made-in-India managers? What do they do differently? Shantanu Narayen at Adobe, Satya Nadella at Microsoft, Padmasree Warrior at NIO and Sundar Pichai at...

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This first-of-a-kind volume provides a snapshot of existing science communication policy and practice in India across different S&T sectors, and offers solutions to building...

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India's foreign policy has witnessed a dramatic transformation since the end of the Cold War. Though academic study of Indian foreign policy has also shown a degree of...

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