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Salvation is the gift of God: that is to say completely so, in opposition to the notion of growth. Salvation is not a natural production from within: it is brought from a foreign zone, and planted within the heart by heavenly hands. Salvation is in its entirety a gift from God. If thou wilt have it, there it is, complete.

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The last enemy to be destroyed is death. (1 Corinthians 15:26) Through years of poverty, racial tension, and legal battles, Ruby Graves has suffered the worst the Great...

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Esther Culver, R.N., is on probation, and her last job hope to reinstate her suspended license is at Thornhill Veterans Hospital. From day one, Esther, a "goody two-shoes"...

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"Fallen from Grace" is a bonus Dark Mirror short story, from author M.J. Putney.Allarde, a gorgeous, wealthy noble, has hidden his true nature. In "Fallen from Grace," delve...

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"...coverage, presentation and price ensure this book a place on every serious student's shelf ...once begun, it's hard to put down." (New Scientist) "An impressive, thorough...

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The Madman and the Pirate by R. M. Ballantyne and Illustrated by Arthur Twidle edited in 1883. Little did the wretched man think, when they conducted him to a hut in the...

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