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A middle school novel for ages 9-13 from the author of The Principal's Son and The Lunch Lady's DaughterWhen the janitor allows Kirk and Tommy to place recycling barrels in the school cafeteria, the two thirteen-year-olds just hope to make some pocket change. But when the other schools and town facilities ask for recycling barrels too, their business takes off. They earn much more than pocket change. And the funny thing is, nobody but the janitors know the recycling barrels are owned by the two young entrepreneurs. The money rolls in…but trouble follows. The principal suspects they’re up to something. The eighth grade bully tries to capitalize on their new found wealth. And the competition, the town’s largest recycling contractor—tries to put them out of business. Their real trouble begins though, when the principal, superintendent of schools, and mayor learn the recycling barrels are owned by two middle school students. They think they’ve been misled; a suspension hearing ensues. Everything Kirk and Tommy have worked so hard for is in jeopardy. They’re on the brink of loosing it all—but if they can survive the ordeal, they just might become…Middle School Millionaires.REVIEWS "Lighthearted and with a positive message about working hard to pursue one's dream, Middle School Millionaires is an excellent pick for grade school and public library children's fiction collections." The Midwest Book Review"There is never a dull moment. The book is both interesting and adventurous. It is something that all teens can relate to." Readers' Favorite

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