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Our world is constantly changing, governed by continuity, dynamic interactions and boundary conditions. For many coasts, the common denominators contributing to these changes are sand, waves, tides, salt gradients, and human interaction, all themes that are treated in this valuable textbook.Confining itself to essentials, the coverage reflects centuries of theoretical and practical knowledge of Dutch coastal engineers. Focussing, where applicable, on linear theory, the book shows how the essentials of local coastal behavior can be reproduced and predicted.

Seaside Spectres: North Carolina's Haunted Hundred Coastal Documento PDF

Daniel W. Barefoot’s colleagues in the North Carolina General Assembly call him their “resident historian.” Now, he’s their resident folklorist, too. North Carolina’s Haunted...

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Rhodolith beds are recognized internationally as a unique ecosystem, and they are the focus of this interdisciplinary book. These marine beds occur worldwide, from the...

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Increasing population and subdivision of lands have resulted in smaller size farms. Several studies have established that, the cropping intensity increased with the...

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Aimed at both researchers and professionals who deal with this topic in their routine work, this introduction provides a coherent and rigorous access to the field including...

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High-Arctic Ecosystem Dynamics in a Changing Climate is based on data collected during the past 10 years by Zackenberg Ecological Research Operations (ZERO) at Zackenberg...

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