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In their definitive new Interlibrary Loan Practices Handbook, editors Weible and Janke clearly explain the complexities of getting materials for patrons from outside the library. This collection presents a complete view of the interlibrary loan (ILL) process, with contributions from all areas of the technical services community, providing - Guidance on how to do ILL efficiently and effectively, with advice on how to be a considerate borrower and lender - Details of preferred staffing and management techniques, showing how best practices can be implemented at any institution - Discussion of important issues that can fall between the cracks, such as hidden copyright issues, and the logistics of lending internationally Consortia and other library partnerships are now sharing ever larger fractions of their collections, and this book gives library staff the tools necessary for a smoothly functioning ILL system.

Green Marketing Practices And Methodology Novedades PDF Gratis

This study is mainly confined to study on green marketing practices among the consumer in Srivilliputtur. The applications of green marketing strategies are going to be...

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The Indian religion of Jainism, whose central tenet involves non-violence to all creatures, is one of the world's oldest and least-understood faiths. Dundas looks at Jainism...

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Autopsy as a field is enjoying an unexpected renaissance as new and improved uses are found for postmortem examination in quality improvement, education, and research....

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Is the Unified Process the be all and end all standard for developing object-oriented component-based software? Scott Ambler doesn't think so. This book is one in a...

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This book provides a comprehensive, hands-on approach to bioclimatic building design in Africa. Bioclimatic design is at the core of urban sustainability, and is a critical...

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Essential Training in Native American Healing WisdomA Lakota prophecy tells of a day when Westerners will join Native wisdom-keepers to create a new, integrated vision of...

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