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Originally published in 1990. Many post-World War I autobiographies focus on episodes of crisis. In a century torn by global strife and breakdown of cultural institutions, autobiography provides a way of recovering from crisis and restructuring reality–a healing act that involves the writer in a "wrestle with words and meanings" that can be deeply regenerative. Narration can be a way of purging guilt and pain, re-centering the self, and reconnecting with community after a shattering experience has driven one into silence and isolation. This book considers the problems, such as finding words for the inexplicable, the narrative perspective chosen and the traditional forms or narrative structures as means of re-patterning consciousness. It looks at seven autobiographies as crisis narratives and demonstrates how therapy and art merge in autobiography so that the literature acts back upon life. Works considered: Vera Brittain’s Testament of Youth; Elie Wiesel’s Night; Christa Wolf’s Kinheitsmuster (A Model Childhood); C. S. Lewis’ A Grief Observed; Peter Handke’s Wunschloses Unglueck (A Sorrow Beyond Dreams); Adrienne Rich’s Of Woman Born; Robert Prisig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

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Sayo Masuda's story is an extraordinary portrait of rural life in japan and an illuminating contrast to the fictionalised lives of glamorous geishas.At the age of sis...

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Rod Laver's memoir is the inspiring story of how a diminutive, left-handed, red-headed country boy from Rockhampton, Australia became one of sports' greatest champions. Rod...

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Her life was spinning out of control. A mix of anger and emptiness defined her. Desperate for true peace, she headed to a place of rest--the healing sands.

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Micky Vann is one of the world's top boxing referees. He has been involved in more than 350 championship fights, over 100 of which were world title fights. Outspoken and...

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