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Did you know that we can see with our tongue? Or that we can plug our nervous system directly into a computer? With cybernetics, prosthetics, robotics, nanotechnology and neuroscience altering the way we perceive and experience space, the body has re-emerged as an important architectural site, revealing its astonishing potential as a creative medium.See Yourself Sensing: Redefining Human Perception is an explosive and unique survey that captures the fascinating relationship between design, the body, the senses, and technology. A timely discussion with cutting-edge design, See Yourself Sensing examines work from the last 50 years by artists, architects and designers who have been experimenting with the boundaries of our senses, changing the way we experience the world.The book explores the work of both established and upcoming artists, including internet sensation Daito Manabe, Korean artist Hyungkoo Lee, Lawrence Malstaf and collectives such as realities:united and Viennese-based Gelitin, and figures of worldwide acclaim, such as Ann Hamilton, Ernesto Neto, Carsten Höller, Olafur Eliasson and Rebecca Horn.

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