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Set in the mid-1980's in Cuba. Labor Secretary for the State of Pennsylvania, Stephen Masters, while on a flight to Miami,FL to deliver an address at a conference is alerted the plane has been hijacked and is now headed to Cuba. Another passenger on the flight is Cuban diplomat Joyce Hurtado. It becomes evident early in the hijacking process that both Masters and Hurtado will be prize objects for the revolutionary group to use for achieving their ambitious objectives. Masters to trade for a revolutionary leader imprisoned in the US for gun smuggling to Cuban revolutionary groups. And,Hutrado serves as a way to embarrass the Castro government. The plane lands in a remote part of Cuba and the duo soon learn of the revolutionary groups elaborate plans to destroy a prize sugar refinery and to sabotage the conference in Miami. Their difficult escape has the duo working their way through the rugged mountains hoping to find a way to foil the plans of the ruthless revolutionaries. They learn of a captured CIA agent held in a cave in the mountains. Masters and Hurtado alter their route to see if they can rescue him. En-route they encounter the Cuban military whom they believe will be allies for Joyce only to find the revolutionaries leaked false information that Joyce is an accomplice in the planned over throw of Castro. Now wanted by both the authorities and the revolutionaries they must move with care and still arrive on time to stop their terrible plans. The plot takes many twists and turns as the duo travel the remote Cuban mountains. Some help arrives from an unlikely political faction in the country. The adventurous action includes a difficult encounter with authorities on the high seas as they pursue their ambitious goals.. The plot become more complex as both Hurtado and Masters are more than they appear on the surface.

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