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"I was hit from behind with such a great force that it knocked the wind out of me and sent me hurdling head over heels to the ground. I opened my eyes to the star filled sky above me. The wind was blowing softly, and the tall grass around me seemed to whisper my name. I forgot all about the old women, and, finding my parents. I could smell the wild flowers of the open field. I quickly realized I was not alone there in the dark, someone, something was there with me. At first, I was frightened and tried to get up and run. But, a voice in my head spoke to me, and told me that everything was okay. I felt a hand on mine and was surrounded by a feeling I had never had before. There was pain and pleasure, fear and peace all at once. My body felt like I was spinning in the air, or falling from a great height. The pain increased, and burned, but I didn't want it to stop. This went on for what seemed like an eternity, but must have been only a few minutes, then I was alone again in the field. I was cold but didn't really mind it, in fact, I was so comfortable I fell asleep." For most of his life Mathew had been a loner. Never seeming to fit in, never really wanting to, Mathew accepts his empty life and actually enjoys the solitude. Until one fall day he meets a mysterious, hauntingly beautiful woman. Lynn has a great interest in Mathew, and his life, as she has orchestrated much of it. What seems to him to be a chance encounter is to be a turning point from which he can never return, as Lynn revels her true identity and intentions. An ancient vampire with unequaled powers, she has chosen Mathew to join her family. If he accepts the gift she offers, Mathew will enter a world not know to modern man and receive powers beyond his limited human comprehension. Recognizing his great potential, and not wanting to repeat past mistakes, Lynn guides him through his decision and teaches him what she can before he truly becomes like her. Before he is left to find his way in the dark, sometimes frighteningly violent, sometimes beautiful world of the shadows.

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