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About the Book Poetry is a literary form that uses aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of language (e.g. phonaesthetics, sound symbolism, and metre) to enhance the prosaic ostensible meaning, or generate an alternative meaning. Poetry uses numerous devices such as assonance, alliteration, onomatopoeia and rhythm are sometimes used to achieve musical or incantatory effects. Poetry's long history dates back to prehistorical times ehen hunting poetry was created in Africa. Also in this Book Poetry as an art form predates written text, with the earliest poetry having been recited or sung, and employed as a way of remembering oral history. The oldest examples of epic poetry include the Epic of Gilgamesh from Bablylon and the Greek epics The Iliad and The Odyssey, and the Indian Sanskrit epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata. The longest epic poems in history were the Mahabharata and the Tibetan Epic of King Gesar. Aristotle's Poetics considered that there were three genres of poetry—the epic, the comic, and the tragic. Later aestheticians identified: epic poetry, lyric poetry, and dramatic poetry. One of the most popular form since the Late Middle Ages, is the sonnet, which by the 13th century had become standardized as fourteen lines following a set rhyme scheme. The form had crystallized further by the 14th century and the Italian Renaissance, under the guidance of Petrarch. About us Leopold Classic Library has the goal of making available to readers the classic books that have been out of print for decades. While these books may have occasional imperfections, we consider that only hand checking of every page ensures readable content without poor picture quality, blurred or missing text etc. That's why we: republish only hand checked books; that are high quality; enabling readers to see classic books in original formats; that are unlikely to have missing or blurred pages. You can search "Leopold Classic Library" in categories of your interest to find other books in our extensive collection. Happy reading!

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The Setting Noon and Other Poems is a collection of stunning poems you would ever want to read. Itcombines both classical poems and those aimed atcelebrating the literariness...

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An extraordinary literary event: the simultaneous publication of a brilliant and vivid new rendering of C. P. Cavafy’s Collected Poems and the first-ever English translation...

Maranatha: And Other Poems Libro Epub

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About the Book A song book contains lyrics and possibly notes for songs. Music publishers also produced printed editions for group singing, which in the United States were...

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Poetry. Joseph Tusiani's polycultural and polylingual experiences contribute to a poetry that has mediated over the years, in both his Italian and English poetry, the...

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You are The Girl, and The Girl is a Badass.From the opening lines, it’s clear The Girl at the center of these poems is damaged—which is another way to say she’s a survivor....

Maranatha: And Other Poems Paginas Epub

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This volume contains a selection of early works by Yevgeny Alexandrovich Yevtushenko who blazed a trail for a generation of Soviet poets with a confident poetic voice that...

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