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nd The 2 SORO Workshop on "Mass Supply and Flows in the Solar Corona" was held in Marciana Mariana on the island of Elba, Italy, in the week September 27 to October 1, 1993, as part of a series of workshops planned by the Solar Corona and Particles Working Group of the SOHO Science Working Team (SWT). The purpose of this workshop series is to acquaint the solar community with the capabilities of SORO, and prepare scientific projects and observing plans for the mission. This Workshop, which was at­ tended by more than one hundred scientists from different countries, focused on the following topics: 1) Fine Scale Structures 2) Loops and Prominences 3) Coronal Streamers 4) Coronal Roles and Solar Wind Each of these four topics was introduced by an observational and a theo­ retical overview highlighting the most recent advances in their area. A third review illustrated how SORO might help in solving open problems. Oral pa­ pers and poster presentations were followed by Working Group sessions. On the last day of the Workshop the Group Leaders reported on the activities of their Working Group. These proceedings include most of the papers presented at the Work­ shop, including the poster papers and Working Group reports by the Group Leaders as well as two overview papers of the SORO mission. All papers have been refereed.

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