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Everyone wants to feel special, regardless of age, even if they do not really understand what creates that feeling. Children can easily identify what makes their friends stand out: maybe they are taller or faster; maybe they are good at their numbers or letters. However, sometimes it is hard for a child to discover just what is so special about themselves; so hard that they might just feel like . . . ."Everyone is Special but Me".This little book, the first in what will be a line of entertaining, educational and easy-to-read books for children; uses normal, everyday situations, along with colorful and whimsical complementary illustrations, to help explain to a child what it means to be unique. As the pages turn, the reader will discover that everyone has something about them that stands out and that part of the excitement of growing up is discovering just what it is that makes them extraordinary!

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Pubu繁體進口書書刊簡介【本書為右翻頁固定格式,推薦您也可用平板閱讀】✔全球獨家/Exclusive worldwide /ฉบับพิเศษที่เดียวในโลก /世界的に独占 ✔全見/NUDE/เห็นหมด/無修正 นิตยสาร 277 หน้า / Magazine 277 pages LOVERS Special...

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Someone special is on the way. Who can it be? We all need a little encouragement at times, and this loveable story of a child preparing for an exceptional visitor is sure to...

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Sinful Pleasures by Dorothy Brown-NewtonTheresa has been having these dreams of being with another woman and she has no idea why. She’s in a committed relationship with her...

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Readers are offered a rare view into the secretive world of the special forces. Each branch of the military has its own special forces team with a unique mission and culture:...

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Joe Tonigh lowers the bar with the second installment of the Assclown chronicles. Trying to recover the lost uranium pellets smuggled into the US for nefarious purposes,...

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