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This book will demonstrate that with the right people placed together working in the Emergency Medical Services at just the right time, in the right place, along with the right desire to help we make a difference. Along with the right Basic Life Support / Advanced Life Support equipment at their disposal they can make most outcomes better. It is so unpredictable, scary, traumatic, and overwhelming what we walk into on our emergency calls as a Paramedic, but no matter what we respond to we take immediate charge and we challenge the outcomes with our wisdom, our team members, and our education in an attempt to make the best out of every event that many of you won't even be able to imagine. With people working together as a team to challenge a patient's medical disasters or traumatic injures and the right desire to make the system better we are what makes the difference in all patient's outcomes. Despite our best intentions some cases we will lose the battle for life but often destiny was decided before we ever got the 9-1-1 call. With the pure dedication to help others in their time of need we can make anything possible, even on the worst calls. You, along with the influence of the one right person at your side as your partner, can stimulate a change in our existing world. With extra effort, we can improve our current Emergency Medical Services (EMS) or medical system and make it even better if we are up for the challenge. No matter the obstacles we face; with the right determination, the right people at your side, and the right persistence and endurance nothing is impossible. Just know we will never be able to rest and when the time is right you must pass on your role to the next best and available member. We can't fix others' battles for health and wellness forever and be expected to always be the best. Life does not work that way in EMS or in health care. When you're ready to walk away hold your head up high and know you made a difference.

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