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A teenage boy uncovers a horrific family secret. A widower seeks vengeance on the creatures that killed his wife. A drug addled writer stalks the woman of his dreams, a woman much more sinister than she appears. A federal agent races to find the cursed relic powering this city full of spooks, spirits, and serial killers. The lives of these and others will collide in the dark and dangerous streets of Adderlass.A seed of evil was planted under Adderlass, a city where monsters hide behind masks of humanity and ordinary people shuffle anesthetized and addicted by the sickly supernatural power wafting up from below. The city was built over the crystalline skull of a bloodthirsty beast. Now, the hunt is on for this lost treasure and whoever finds it first will control the fate not only of Adderlass but of the entire world.Sixteen-year-old Simon Cubbins, young and naïve, may be the key to unlocking the mystery buried in this twisted labyrinth of hidden agendas. He also unknowingly harbors a secret that could destroy the Cubbins bloodline. As different characters fight for control over Simon, he will have to decide whether or not to carry on his family’s legacy.

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The family of Laguna Beach founding father Joseph S. Thurston claimed a shack in Aliso Canyon in 1871, when he was just three years old. Thurston's personal account of...

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Presents fifty daily devotions designed to deepen the reader's relationship with God, covering such issues as love, thankfulness, and encouragement.

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