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Nuestro sitio está destinado, en primer lugar, a leer libros en línea, pero también los usuarios tienen la oportunidad de descargar un libro Musical Encounters With Dying: Stories And Lessons de forma gratuita. Géneros tales como ficción, detective, fantasía, dramaturgia, poesía, misticismo, literatura sentimental son presentados, lo más probable es que encuentre un libro adecuado para usted.

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Music therapy can be a profound physical, emotional and spiritual support at the end of life. This book looks at a wide variety of cases, explaining how music therapy can be used effectively. It highlights particular components of working with this group, such as creating a therapeutic relationship, helping patients to reach final goals, working within cultural contexts and dealing with difficult emotions, all within the parameters of the musical experience. It also explores the unique needs of people with disabilities or mental illness, and how to support the families of the dying. Therapeutic and philosophical insights related to the dying process are included. This will be a supportive and insightful guide for anyone working with people who are at the end of life, especially music therapists and other complementary therapists, caregivers, hospice workers and medical professionals.

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Coming of age, or transformation, is the usual theme of the American short story, the realization that particular moments in time change the reality of our lives. These...

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