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WHAT IS A MOMAGER?Momager/Dadager? That is what the parent is called who is working as a Manager for their child to get them into the Entertainment Industry. Whether it be stage, film or music…This book will help you understand the Industry that you are entering. Too many times as parents, we are unprepared to what to expect or what we need to do to help our child be successful in this Industry. Do you need an Agent? Manager? What about a resume? How do you get that when you are new to the career field? What about a reel? Headshots? Bodyshots? Most parents are the Managers of their child…and it is the parents that should be involved in the process. As a parent I had to learn just like you are or will that this career field is very competitive, and in many cases very heartless. Sometimes the competitiveness is more with the parents than it is the children. The children are having fun…or at least they should be. The parents are pushing their children to learn lines, to act a certain way, to beat the competition….this is a very stressful time for most parents, and if you are not careful also for your child.Realize that most children act in school plays when they are young and even into teenage years.. After that life takes over, some stay in the industry, others leave to accomplish their own goals and dreams away from this Industry.While you are Momager or Dadager, (Mom Manager or Dad Manager) you need to make sure your child is safe and having fun in this career field. Also if you think you are going to get rich doing this, or that every opportunity is a paying one, you are wrong. Your child needs to work as much as possible, and that includes non-paying projects. To become good at anything you have to practice, to become great in this field you need experience… so every opportunity big, small, paying and NON-paying is important to do. NON-PAYING opportunities….payment comes not just in the form of money. It also comes in the Priceless, forms of experiences, learning skills, working with other actors, working with experienced actors, with different directors and producers, and more, these are things that you are getting in return for you working Non-paying projects. If your child loves this industry you will want him or her to be able to perform as often as you can. There is no role to small….sometimes the one line or word is what is remembered out of the whole play or film.Enjoy your time as your child’s manager for they grow up so fast..

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