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David Emerson is an academically gifted gay teenager who dreams of attending Columbia University, becoming a Theoretical Physicist, and finding his one true love. Tyler Reed is his best friend and secret crush. Tyler secretly likes David too but is struggling to come to terms with his sexuality. Marco Valerio is a gay teenager who also dreams of attending Columbia University. Marco's Achilles heel is being a player who loves random emotionless sex. This love triangle tests David's heart on multiple levels as he journeys from Harbor Springs to New York City in search of his dreams.Disclaimer: Sexual situations and profanity. Recommended age range, 17 and up.Other books by A.V. ZeppaMiguel's Secret Journal (Outskirts Press 2011)Miguel's Secret Journal - The Four Corners of the Earth (Outskirts Press 2013 )

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The world we knew is gone. The world of commerce and frivolous necessity has been replaced by a world of survival and responsibility. An epidemic of apocalyptic proportions...

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This remarkable account of James Cameron's expeditions to the sunken Titanic includes his dive journal, personal photographs, and maps from his many explorations of the...

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Mermaids- just take a deep breath.

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ディープレッドドリームズ芸術的なヌード: 完全に美味しいヌードを示しています。 ワンピースから完全なヌードまで、このかわいいセクシーな女の子のストリップをドレスから眺める/フリック。このデジタルブックには49枚の写真が含まれていますが、舞台裏ではヌードの無修正の写真撮影が見られます。...

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Dive down to the watery depths and encounter the ten strangest creatures living in the oceans. You'll discover: ● a fish with an angling light ● a snail that harpoons its...

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