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The Thru-Hikers Secret is a compilation of knowledge with a singular goal: to help you achieve a joyful thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. The journey can provide new perspectives, renewal for life and even reorder one’s priorities. A thru-hike is to live large, to live simply and step beyond the timid existence of suburbia. Backpacking for months from Georgia to Maine, however, can be far from a smooth journey. To understand all that a thru-hike entails before it is hiked is practically impossible, and yet many hikers set out on this grand adventure without a lick of experience. Of the couple of thousand who begin their journey on the AT each season, only a few hundred will find the rhythm of trail life and complete the 2000 miles of mountain forests. To put it simply: not making it is normal. The greater their transition from ?cityness” to the hiking wilderness, the better the odds of succeeding favor them. The tangible events ? rain, cold, heat, elevation gains, insects, sunshine, cool breezes, fresh air and mileage will be joined in lock step with the intangible ones - joy, elation, melancholy and despair. It is these intangible, emotional dynamics that tend to unravel many hikers’ resolve of becoming a Thru-Hiker. My past career in advertising and having a knack for simplifying the complicated provided me with a unique perspective to turn the enormity of an AT hike into simple strategies: Secrets. Hikers will be armed not just with information, but a go-to resource of answers before most will even know the questions. As the Secrets are revealed, hikers will learn what will happen and how to manage the vast texture that is an AT thru-hike. Joining the Secrets are more than 130 images to add richness to the communication. I am "Postcard" after all. This journey of discovery starts on the first page, continues ?til tread touches trail and travels with you to the ending terminus. From the first hour, first day, week and month, you’ll move forward with greater confidence knowing you have a proven mentor. The Thru-hikers Secret grew out of my first thru-hiking book, We’re Off To See The Wilderness, The Wonderful Wilderness of Awes. In it, joining my personal day-to-day account of life on the trail was a how-to section named ?Have more smiles in your miles”. Many had told me they’d read this time and again before they’d head out on an adventure. After my second thru-hike, my knowledge grew and so another, more comprehensive book idea emerged, one dedicated solely to AT preparation ? The Thru-Hikers Secret. Where hiking two days may result in adversity, a thru-hike absolutely, positively will deliver it at a level of ten. Wonderfully though, decisions before and during your hike found in these pages may help to avoid ?come off the trail” moments while helping you find more smiles in your miles.

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