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Roxanne Defarge has given up on love and her dreams, but at least she’s found a job she likes – working as a newspaper editor for a union in Chicago. When Roxanne witnesses a murder in the newspaper’s office, she has to leave it all behind for her own protection. In Arizona she must start again at Treemark Arabian Farms. But who can protect her from Brian Treemark, the mysterious ranch owner who reveals that he and Roxanne are members of a mysterious, ancient race—and they’re in more danger than Roxanne ever could find on the streets of Chicago? She’s going to have to learn fast for she is now an Elf and must learn to live as one.

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One man pursues a question left unanswered for four thousand years. His search takes him to the gates of Hell--Will it bring him back?Three weeks before officially reporting...

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A stand-alone thriller from P. D. James.Philippa Palfrey, adopted as a child, believes herself to be the motherless, illegitimate daughter of an aristocratic father. At...

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An enthralling debut perfect for fans of Children of Blood and Bone set in a North African-inspired fantasy world where two sisters must fight to the death to win the crown....

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Three vampire tales by three talented female authors. ~Wicked by Kristen Middleton~ When eighteen-year-old Emily wakes up to find herself being held captive in a barn with...

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Since the 2nd Edition there have been many changes. This is not merely in changes in units, such as in haematology with the transformation of haemoglobin from g/dL to g/L,...

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