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TRIGGER WARNING!If you are a gay man who also supports feminism, this book may be the toughest (and most worthwhile) read of your life. In "The New Gay Liberation: Escaping the Fag End of Feminism" social commentator Matthew Lye, aka Andy Bob, rips the cover off of feminism's false pro-gay front to reveal Westboro Baptist Church level hostility toward gay men that has burned through feminist rhetoric for 40 years.And he documents how that hatred is alive and well today.At a little over a hundred pages, this book is a brief but devastating indictment of feminism's bogus claim to support the gay community. Reading it, if you are gay and feminist, might turn your whole world upside down.Here's the forward by David Palmer.If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately. -Benjamin FranklinI’m a gay man.I am not a feminist.There’s a shocking statement. How could any gay man not need, want, support, affirm feminism? To be fair, I was a feminist for years. I remained a feminist while phrases like “Old white guy”, “Cishet guy”, and “Male privilege” made their way into the lexicon. I remained a feminist while straight men were demonized by feminism-because, of course, I wasn’t “one of them”. I remained a feminist while GLBT became LGBT. I remained a feminist for years.Over time, however, I found myself, with ever increasing frequency, in the position of feeling that I had to use my sexual orientation to defend myself in conversations with feminists, and feeling as if I were a “token” male, only acceptable to feminists because of my orientation.Of course I made all the excuses: “not all feminists are like that”, “well, that’s not real feminism” and so on - until I began to actually take the time to learn about feminism. What I learned surprised me. I learned that feminism was not about equality. I learned about the feminist history of hatred toward gay men. And eventually, I learned that feminism was actively engaged in a campaign that was doing to all men what others have so often done to gay men: demonize them as sexual predators and abusers in the interests of their own power and their own ideology. Feminism wasn’t about equality: It was about bigotry. During the course of that journey, that red pill trip from feminist to anti-feminist, if you will, I had the good fortune to encounter many people. I found men and women, all sorts of them, who cared about the issues facing men and boys and who spoke out about those issues despite feminist efforts to slander and silence them. AndyBob is one of those people. In “Why Gay Men Don’t Need Feminism”, AndyBob has, in many ways, written a part of my own journey, and the history of the relationship between feminism and gay men. He has written it far better than I would have done. He has provided, in a single place, much of the information I found over the years about feminism, feminist history, and the homophobia underlying much of feminist thought. He has destroyed feminism’s false façade of “it’s about equality” and has given a clear, articulate explanation of why gay men not only do not “need” feminism, but why they should reject feminism outright. He has also done much more than that. What he has written is not only a well thought out, well researched, and well-supported discussion of the history of feminism. It's a foundation, a basis for change, a reason to end the divisive ideological rhetoric that seeks to separate gay and straight men from one another-for the benefit of others. It teaches us that men, all men, need to come together, to work together, as men, to address our common concerns. And it also serves as a warning. In the face of a mindset that sees all men as a threat, and sees all men as “the enemy," that Mr. Franklin was right.

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