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Meet Nhalia Graves. She murdered her mother’s boyfriend at thirteen and ended up in juvie until just before her eighteenth birthday. For Nhalia, it’s just one hell to the next, until one day everything changes. She’s called into the warden’s office and told something that shakes up her entire world. She’s getting released and that’s all thanks to the father she’s never met. It isn’t until she’s released from the jail that she finds out that she’s the daughter of Carter Graves; the king of all kings and top dog of every street, and neighborhood within the Beltway 8 of Houston, Texas. Finding out that she has the blood of an untouchable linage, Nhalia is sure that she has found the only family she’ll ever need in this life. That is until she meets Benjamin King. Benjamin ‘Benji’ King is a Christian rapper with lyrics so dope that Nhalia’s immediately captivated. But he’s her mark. And her father’s counting on her to take him down.On a mission to spread the word of God, and change how the world looks at his lifestyle, Benji can’t understand why his heart is drawn to a girl like Nhalia, and even ignores all the warnings he’s received about this beautiful little hood princess. After the sudden death of one of Nhalia’s most beloved family members, life heats up for her in a major way as she starts to unravel and uncover secrets about her family that shakes the very foundation of everything the Graves Empire was built on; family, loyalty, and love. Now, Nhalia must make a decision that could alter her life forever. The way she loves just may break her, and when the dust settles, and all is said and done Nhalia discovers that love is more than just a word. And someone’s nothing more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Note to Readers:This series is one that I consider unconventional Christian Fiction. There are no derogatory words of offensive sexual scenes, but every character isn't saved. If you'd rather not read urban story-lines that feature struggling souls making unusual choices skip this read! I have other books that offer more traditional Christian Fiction story-lines :)

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