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The second edition of "Model Predictive Control" provides a thorough introduction to theoretical and practical aspects of the most commonly used MPC strategies. It bridges the gap between the powerful but often abstract techniques of control researchers and the more empirical approach of practitioners. The book demonstrates that a powerful technique does not always require complex control algorithms. Many new exercises and examples have also been added throughout. Solutions available for download from the authors' website save the tutor time and enable the student to follow results more closely even when the tutor isn't present.

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The subject of this institute is the importance of spin and symmetry measurements in probing the standard model and QCD, polarization in lepton-quark interactions, nucleon...

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Life is better down that old dirt road...Ten year old Ike loves his family...his mom, brother Manny, and sister Maria.But he's afraid of his Papa X! He lives way out in the...

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The engaging story of the six remarkable artists who, over a 40-year period, created one of the largest and most respected 'O'-scale model railways in Canada.

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Vincent Brümmer examines the implications of using the model of love as a way of understanding the relations between God and the community of religious believers. He...

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Model-Centered Learning: Pathways to Mathematical Understanding Using GeoGebra is the first book to report on the international use of GeoGebra and its growing impact on...

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This book covers the origin and chemical structure of sedimentary organic matter, how that structure relates to appropriate chemical reaction models, how to obtain reaction...

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