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The death of a former goalie draws sports agent Dave Bolt into a gambling scandal that could destroy professional ice hockey.   Athletic agent Dave Bolt, former star for the Dallas Cowboys, is a hardened sports insider, familiar with the dirty underside of American professional sports. He witnesses the kickbacks, the bribes and the blackmail that keep the high-powered industry spinning.   In Death in the Crease, Bolt has to deal with an explosive ice hockey scandal that threatens to expose the sport’s biggest game as a sham. Former Black Hawk goalie Guy LeClede writes an exposé of the corruption that “would blow hockey off the ice” if published. But before the book is seen by anyone else, LeClede suddenly drives his car off a cliff and the manuscript disappears. NHL brass have asked Bolt: to investigate the possibility of murder and unravel the intricacies of one of the priciest gambling deals of the decade.

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Death in the Crease (The Pro Book 2) Gratis Epub

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