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Find out more about one of our favourite animals - the dog - in this mini handbook bursting with breeds and fantastic dog facts. Pocket Eyewitness Dogs is packed with bite-sized chunks of information that make learning about dogs fun. Read the profiles of more than 180 individual dog breeds, from Great Danes to tiny terriers, in this cool canine encyclopedia. Learn more about the main groups of dog breeds, from working dogs to companion dogs, and find out more about dog behaviour, biology, and even the history of how humans have lived alongside - and relied on - these faithful creatures. If you didn't know that dogs have more than 300 million smell-detecting cells, while humans have just 6 million, or that Dalmatians are born spotless, then this is the book for you!Perfect for school projects and homework assignments as well as for dipping into, Pocket Eyewitness Dogs will tell you everything you need to know about dogs in one pocket-sized book.

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The year is 1976, and the first shots are being fired in the narcotics and human-trafficking war. Colt Freeland and his partner, Snyder, want only to preserve their small...

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This guide shows how a combination of formulae, simple techniques, easy-to-follow recipes, important safety informationm, clear instructions and helpful resources can keep a...

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Descargar Bit Torrent Realistic Dogs: A How -to Workbook For Carvers And Artists Documento PDF

This advanced guide to carving and illustrating dogs demonstrates how to capture the unique personality found in a wide variety of dog breeds. Detailed tips for depicting...

Art Of War: Sun Tzu's Original Art Of War Pocket Edition PDF Gratis 2019

TOP 5 ART OF WAR QUOTES 1. "Know your enemy and know yourself, win without danger." 2. "Knowing when to do battle and when not to do battle brings victory." 3. "Those skilled...

Descargar U Torrents Pocket Guides: Birds

Kids will enjoy recognizing common examples of birds such as the duck and sparrow and will go crazy over the exotic kiwi, parrot, and flamingo. Back by popular demand, this...

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Portable and precise, this pocket-sized guide delivers ready answers for optimizing the performance of your Windows 7-based PC. Zero in on core tuning, customization, and...

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