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En el sitio web Descargar Ebooks Gratis puede descargar un libro Digital Fortress gratuito sin registrarse. Se proporciona en varios formatos, y entre ellos hay uno que es compatible con su dispositivo. Β‘Le deseamos una lectura fascinante!

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When the National Security Agency's invincible code-breaking machine encounters a mysterious code it cannot break, the agency calls in its head cryptographer, Susan Fletcher, a brilliant, beautiful mathematician. What she uncovers sends shock waves through the corridors of power. The NSA is being held hostage - not by guns or bombs, but by a code so complex that if released would cripple U.S. intelligence.Caught in an accelerating tempest of secrecy and lies, Fletcher battles to save the agency she believes in. Betrayed on all sides, she finds herself fighting not only for her country but for her life, and in the end, for the life of the man she loves...Origin, the spellbinding new Robert Langdon thriller from Dan Brown, is out now

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Introduction to digital imaging covering core techniques of image capture and the display of monochrome and color images. Basic tools required to describe sampling and image...

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Move beyond cybersecurity to take protection of your digital business to the next level Beyond Cybersecurity: Protecting Your Digital Business arms your company against...

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Look Sharp!: Sharpening can produce just as many artifacts as it eliminates. This article explains how to avoid shooting unsharp photos and how to get maximum sharpness out...

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Citing the numerous, life-enhancing benefits of today's digital technologies, a guide for savvy girls shares strategic advice and quizzes for protecting personal safety...

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"Vincent Versace is a Renaissance man who has produced the best how-to book of the year! With its subtitle of "A Cinematic Approach to Digital Still Photography with...

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