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Crime Thrills : But KillsThe daughter of one of the most influential man in New York falls for a struggling investment banker. After a torrid affair, they finally get married. Everything seems to head towards a life of joy when the wife vanishes into thin air and the husband becomes the prime suspect. As Agent Kiara Davenport is about to get hold of him, a ransom call is made from overseas. And, as she is about to catch the caller, someone else confesses to the crime. She knows something is amiss and as she is about to get to the bottom of it, all the suspects start getting killed one by one.Everyone is a suspect and each suspect is more influential than the other. Will Kiara find the real culprit or become a pawn in the cat and mouse game?

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Read the news about America's colleges and universities rising student debt, affirmative action debates, and conflicts between faculty and administrators and it's clear that...

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Over the decades Francis M. Nevins has written dozens of articles and essays on the major influences of crime literature and here he collects them in 450+ pages. Coupled with...

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This book responds to the claim that criminology is becoming socially and politically irrelevant despite its exponential expansion as an academic sub-discipline. It does so...

Pocket Guide to Crime Scene Photography Epub En Kindle

This handy pocket guide is an essential field guide to crime scene photography. The authors have used limited technical terms and jargon to distill concepts down to...

Como Descargar Torrente La trilogie des Grands Lacs (Crime & Suspense)

La trilogie des Grands Lacs est un ensemble de trois ouvrages relatifs aux investigations du détective privé Cicéron Boku Ngoi dans deux pays d’Afrique, plus précisément la...

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'A festive cracker of a crime novel' Cass Green, author of In a Cottage in a Wood'A quirky, cleverly plotted crime story' Sunday Mirror'A cracking read. The perfect Christmas...

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