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There are at least two fictional accounts of what transpired on 9/11/2001. One is the 9/11 Commission Report. The other is this fact based novel providing an alternative narrative of what actually happened. A year after 9/11, Nelly Morris asks her father if he and his identical twin brother were responsible for the controlled demolition of the Twin Towers. Nelly’s father Sid had just returned from a 12 month, lonely, road trip, following the suicide of his brother Jimmy. Upon returning to New York City, Sid is thrust into a nightmare. He is the only one alive of the team that installed a “failsafe” controlled demolition system in the towers. Following an attempt upon his life, Sid, Nelly and Marty Martin make a run from those who want Sid silenced. Nelly’s friend Marty is the only one who can save them. The loss of his sister at the Pentagon on 9/11 had compelled Marty to assess every aspect of the attacks. When the U.S. Government put forth its version of events, Marty knew a conspiracy of epic proportions was being perpetrated. Marty was on a crusade to bring out the truth. The threesome play hide and seek with the bad guys as they head for North Carolina. They are trying to get to Sarah, Sid’s ex-wife and Nelly’s mother, whom they believe has also been placed in danger by Sid’s return. When finally reaching Sarah, they discover Sarah has stumbled upon information regarding 9/11 that is much more dangerous to the bad guys than anything Sid knows.

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