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This is the Special Edition of Book 1 in the J. K. Haugen's "Lost Scrolls" Series. It's been re-formatted, re-edited, and packed with extras! "If you are reading this, then myself and my kind are long gone. And this book is most likely battered and torn and eroded from the dirt. I pray to Agodah (the creator of everything) that the words and meanings do not change because of translation and speculation or because this parchment is no longer whole or has been smudged in the sands of time...." After discovering an ancient book that was frozen deep under the ice in Greenland, John and Sarah find themselves on a spectacular adventure. Bound together by fate they are forced to solve a mystery that has been waiting for them for millennia. They soon find proof of an ancient civilization who lived here on Earth thousands of centuries before us . Searching for answers and finding only more questions, they realize that they just might be the only two people on the planet who can save mankind and the modern world from devastation and extinction. Throughout the Earth's history, it has been on a grand cycle of growth, cleansing and renewal, each era bringing new life and new beginnings to a new civilization. This is a fast paced adventure that will captivate and intrigue you. You wont want to put it down. It invokes vivid imagery as well as emotional connection to the Characters and It takes the reader on a grand adventure to save mankind. Book 1 in the J K Haugen's "Lost Scrolls" series, "Lost scrolls of the Holy Beclay. Is available now as an Ebook and in paperback. "Lost Scrolls II, A Journey Through Time." Is Also Now Available on Amazon and other fine retailers. You can get more info about the Series @

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Excerpt from O Lord Most Holy: Panis AngelicusE. \l C0 19mfit pa MS 50 mi mun,know Thee and love Thee, mare flu cat Do-ma'-mzm.About the PublisherForgotten Books publishes...

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