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Dr. Waldman is a talent of amazing prowess; his collection of short stories is nothing short of an epic journey.

Replay: Murder (A Morris & Sullivan Mystery) Epub Gratis 2019

Harry Carr is the legendary college football coach who takes no prisoners. Even to the point of forcing his star quarterback off his unbeaten team, because the QB didn't want...

Libros De Cocina Descargar Paradise, Passion, Murder: 10 Tales Of Mystery From Hawai?i

From the Big Island to Kauai, the far side of Maui to the bustling streets of Honolulu, experience paradise in all its glory...and darkness. This collection of ten stories...

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Eleven years ago, Sabrina Daley's sister Jessica went missing without a trace. Despite all of Sabrina's searching, she has had no luck in uncovering any clues about what...

Nothing Is Mystery: Answer To Mystery Is Another Mystery Fariña Epub

Since its inception in November 2013, Author’s United (AU) is committed to produce books of international standards. Its first anthology “A Pinch of Love, Peace and Humanity”...

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Noir thriller genre. Drake Mardoon is a private detective brought in by the Chicago Police Department to assist tracking down a serial killer. This hardcopy book is a...

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American Sign Language interpreter Jane Ciardi’s life changes when she takes a job from a Cleveland private detective and agrees to keep tabs on a deaf African-American...

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