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Like Stephen King's 'Salem's Lot, the town of Ewerton, Wisconsin is a bad place -- a VERY bad place! Whatever malignant spirit governs this little burg lost in the middle of bloody nowhere, it doesn't much like the people who live there. No one ever TRULY leaves Ewerton--not really! As Ardath Mayhar says, "The horror Morlan evokes is not so much occult as uniquely human--the worst of human traits are her stock in trade."

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¿Crees haber sentido miedo? Pues no sabrás lo que es experimentar el verdadero terror hasta no haber leído esta serie de relatos que te pondrán los pelos de punta.Dieciséis...

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The West has always been a symbol of the wild frontier, rugged adventure, and dangerous exploration. However, if it wasn’t for fear of the unknown, the West would just be...

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What price a meal? Murder?For starving artist Franz Holtmann that is not an academic question. Unable to sell his art in the worst winter the city has seen in years, Holtmann...

Till Death Do Us Part: A Horror Novella Archivo PDF

Wendy is a single mother working as an environmental engineer who is given an assignment to remove an abandoned horsebox from a farm. Once inside, she finds an old Nokia cell...

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The Théâtre du Grand-Guignol in Paris (1897 - 1962) achieved a legendary reputation as the 'Theatre of Horror' a venue displaying such explicit violence and blood-curdling...

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Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror short story anthology

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