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Two young men were brought to the American colonies, one from England and the other from East Africa. Neither was here by choice since they were both brought here as slaves. That’s right, even the one from England. At this point, life did not offer either of them a great deal of promise. There was no racial distinction, only one of class. The British noblemen running the show had but one objective, and that was to turn the American colonies into their own kingdoms. The patriotic sentiments expressed in our founding documents were chiefly those of the peasantry. The last thing the ruling class sought was liberty and justice for all. Their primary concern was who might serve them in their domains.As the events of America’s history began to unfold, the two young men and their descendants were caught up in the development of our nation. The only guiding principle was a belief in freedom and equality. The peasants were not prepared for the duplicitous designs of their leaders. They went along with the program believing that those in charge had their best interests at heart.Today, we remain victims of that duplicity. It still exists because we are either unaware of it, or we have simply resigned ourselves to the inevitable. We have been conditioned to blame one another for our losses, when in fact we are all victims of the same grand design. The good thing is, we possess the power. In our democratic society, we the people are the ultimate overseers. Though the American dream may differ somewhat from person to person, it is still the guarantee that we will be allowed to achieve our dreams.

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This is a fictional story about an Indian girl in her thirties goes for a business trip to Atlanta. And there in one night she goes through a roller coaster ride of nonstop...

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In the state of Texas American football is a religion. And nowhere is more fanatical about its football than the small town of Odessa. There, every Friday night from...

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