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Men in the Land is a compilation of stories that deal with real men. Men and their immovable foundations, their women, facing difficult and deadly circumstances, who understand the foundational basis of morality and decency, love of family, friends, and country. These men must deal with immorality, greed, and danger decisively, and sometimes violently, while maintaining their own integrity. Each man, in real life, must face similar decisions for himself. There are those who would destroy us. Men in the Land are the bulwark against destruction. Kender, Stepp, Openshaw, and Trapper White, their neighbors and friends, each, in their own way, are men who inspire us to fight, against all odds, for that which is rightfully ours. They irreversibly influence the world around them. Men in the Land are monuments to positive values, hard won, and honest achievement. They stand for something. They are granite, bigger than life, strong, and immovable. Our nation is today because there were Men in the Land.

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