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Jessie Ann Neal’s childhood ended the day she overheard a man important in the community plotting with her no-good uncle, Red Sylas, to have some time alone with her older sister Roberta. Though young, Jessie Ann knew what that means for Roberta if they succeed. Between the two men, they’d already implicated the girls' brother Aldy, who was a trifle slow, in horse-thievery and other skullduggery. Now they intend on ruining Roberta’s life too. So Jessie tells Aldy what the men plan, which sets him against his former friends. Soon, due to the man’s position, Red and the other man stir the neighbors into action and Aldy is lynched as a horse thief. Now Jessie is out for revenge.

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"Fallen from Grace" is a bonus Dark Mirror short story, from author M.J. Putney.Allarde, a gorgeous, wealthy noble, has hidden his true nature. In "Fallen from Grace," delve...

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