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What would you do if you were God?Would you give Ronald a last chance wake up call?This Christian fantasy thriller is Ronald’s haunting story. He tells it himself with no expectation of being liked or condoned.From the start, we know he’s in trouble and he knows he’s on the edge. Too stubborn to seek help, he blames an unknown enemy for turning his world on its head and blindly sets out for vengeance.This digs him deeper into trouble and firmly into the clutches of three enigmatic women. They ruthlessly exploit his greed, pride, lust, and other vices and expose him to increasingly bizarre and hellish experiences. Though driven to the brink of insanity, he fails to recognise the genuine help being offered by a mysterious stranger.Ultimately he's faced with Pascal's Wager, but for him it's different. As with everyone, life itself is the stake. The difference is that he's used up all his chances. There's only one thing between him and The Devil’s Charity, and death is closing in.What is Pascal's Wager?According to Blaise Pascal – a seventeenth-century French philosopher – reason alone cannot prove whether or not God exists. Yet everyone faces this question – knowingly or otherwise. Living as if God doesn’t exist neither gains nor loses us anything, assuming we’re right. We simply live our lives. But if we’re wrong, it loses us eternal life in heaven and condemns us to hell. On the other hand, living as if God does exist gains us everything – assuming we’re right – and loses us nothing if we’re wrong. Therefore, the wise take the safer wager and bet their lives on the existence of God.The Devil's Charity is available nowBuy with confidence from AmazonAuthor: or follow @RobertTurvil

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