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Part fairy tale, part horror story about characters who convince themselves they are alright. But at times the truth arrives and they can't get it off them -- and there is no answer, only a question. Tarot cards are not really meant to tell your fortune or future: the tarot aids in coming in contact with one's Higher Self because the most powerful information sources come from within. Sometimes the best way to move forward is to go backward because the path to a bright future requires a shadowy regression. Protagonist Rodrigo García Olza returns to the racetrack to train horses. Rodrigo is a vampire especially attracted to what he cannot define, who let go of a life planned for the life he shares in San Francisco with photographer/filmmaker Liam Mannering. Liam's film contemplates the many forms of erotic desire and shifting genders that both Shakespeare's "Cymbeline" and mythology's "Ganymede" release through various disguises of erotic attachment -- encouraging gender disruptions through less permitted forms of desire. And the necromancer, capable of every wickedness, brings back spirits of the dead to fight for him. Undead Spanish poet/playwright Federico Garcia Lorca searches for a way to be human, again.

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