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**FINALIST - The 2017 Wishing Shelf Book Awards**Ryder Carlsson wants to know what calls to her from the shadows. But the truth will shatter far more than just her own world.In the dark, haunted hallways of Clarendon House, Ryder meets Olessia. A violet-eyed girl with big secrets, and incredible abilities. The quick-tempered stranger is on the run, and desperate to escape an enemy who will stop at nothing to control her, and the power she wields.Ryder's weekend away with friends has just turned into a desperate race for survival. One that will unravel everything Ryder thought she knew about her world, herself, and the people she loves.Olessia must return to where she came from, before our world becomes a battlefield for a war raging universes away.But how do you convince a stubborn, petulant and powerful being to do the last thing she wants to do, without getting yourself killed in the process? The search for a solution will reveal a terrible truth. Olessia is not the only one with big secrets. Ryder has them too. And they are about to emerge from the shadows.'Thrilling! Creepy! The perfect YA novel. A FINALIST andhighly recommended,' - The Wishing Shelf Book AwardsExtraOrdinary is set in hauntingly beautiful Tasmania, Australia, and is the first book in Danielle K Girl's gripping YA trilogy. The second book in the series, ExtraLimital, is available NOW.

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Con motivo de los 200 años de la «querella calderoniana», lectura determinante de Calderón de la Barca en nuestra historiografía literaria, este volumen se centra en dicho...

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Her words have become some of the most important in modern history: discover the incredible life story of Anne Frank, whose bravery has inspired so many.Her incredible story...

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Dr. Kelsey was not on a full shift today. He had a morning surgery scheduled, then had some internal meeting at the hospital, followed by a session with his “Shrink” as...

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THROAT CHAKRA (CHOICE): An exciting rumor about a mysterious visitor coming to Sunnyvale totally discombobulates Mockingbird, Porcupine, Gopher, and Chameleon until Heron...

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Alise has uncovered a web of family secrets reading her mother’s journals that connect to the lives of those closest to her. Now she has to contend with her new career as...

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