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Six contemporary romances where love comes together as the best gift of all.CHRISTMAS IN CEDAR CREEKAva Richards lost her husband to the same war that took Donovan’s leg. Even after two years, Ava is still crippled by the loss. Unable to move forward with her life, she is stuck in the past. Yet the more time she spends with her husband’s best friend Donovan, the more Ava longs for a second chance at life and love. Can she convince Donovan he doesn’t have to leave Cedar Creek to come back to life again? And is it possible for two wounded souls to help each other learn what love really means this Christmas?CHRISTMAS AT MOUNTAIN MISTDid you come here to visit or to hide?Dr. Brady Thomasson has his hands full. Christmas is two days away and he’s the physician in charge at Lilac’s senior living community. A mysterious illness, blizzard conditions, and a skeleton staff would be enough to keep even the most seasoned medical professional on his toes. Will the unexpected arrival of his former girlfriend distract him from his duties?With a brewing scandal about to crash down on her head, environmental lawyer Camille Zignetti drives through a snow storm to spend Christmas with her ailing grandfather. Certain she will pay a price for her employer’s bad behavior, could Brady blame her for wanting to hide from a situation she’d helped to create?CHRISTMAS IN OAK CREEKWhen widowed Erica Johnson finds herself face-to-face with her high school sweetheart during the holidays, she has to fight hard to resist the temptation to get involved with him again. After all, she has to protect her son’s heart. Andrew Blakeman knows he made a huge mistake by leaving Erica years ago, and now he wants to make things right. With Christmas coming soon, he pulls out all the stops to make things right. Will these two determined people ever find happiness in love again?A MIDNIGHT CLEARWhen she attends a Washington, D.C. dinner party thrown by friends far wealthier than she, writer Maddie Travers is distracted by internal debates. Should she move back to D.C.? Should she seek work she might find more fulfilling? She meets the appealing “regular guy,” Dom Sebastiani, at the party and consequently wonders whether she’s ready to seek romance again. So many decisions! At the stroke of midnight, a shocking turn of events sets Maddie on a path that holds at least as many questions for her as it does answersSLEEPING THROUGH CHRISTMASIf it weren’t for that unscheduled nap at Simon-Morrisey Department Store, Lily Rountree wouldn’t have met Justin Knight, or overheard his plan to rob the store, an art museum, and a bank. When Justin learns about Lily’s presence, their cat-and-mouse game begins, and the holidays take on a whole new meaning.THE LOST HEROandy Wilcox travels to Queretaro, Mexico, to help her retired Aunt Molly recover from a broken arm. She meets Brad Andrews, an American supervising construction of the Arkansas State University science building, and falls in love.Brad falls equally as hard for Sandy. Following their first conflict, Aunt Molly must return to the USA for emergency surgery. Before they resolve their differences, Sandy and her aunt disappear. He has no way to contact them.After a month of intensive searching, Sandy realizes she has lost her hero from Mexico. As Christmas approaches, Sandy uses her participation in a musical to overcome her depression from losing Brad.Will she find a Christmas miracle to heal her heart?

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