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Dunleavy and Slowik's Therapeutic Exercise Prescription delivers on everything you need from a core therapeutic exercise text. This all-new, full-color text combines evidence-based content, theoretical concepts, AND practical application to provide a robust understanding of therapeutic exercise. Using an approachable, easy-to-follow writing style, it introduces foundational concepts, discusses how to choose the right exercises, and guides you in developing goals for treatment. Coverage also includes the examination process and specific ways to choose, monitor, and evaluate the most effective exercise. Each exercise in the text is presented with progressions - a unique feature that's exclusive to this title - to give you an understanding of how the exercise(s) may change from the initial phase of exercise prescription to the functional recovery stage. In addition to its highly-digestible format, this text also boasts case studies, practical discussions, and engaging online videos to provide you with the most dynamic and effective learning experience.UNIQUE! Clinical reasoning approach to exercise selection, modification, instruction, and progression provides a framework to help you master all aspects of therapeutic exercise, from the initial exercise prescription to the functional recovery stage.Emphasis on patient safety and precautions includes the use of the ICF model, as well as coverage of tissue healing and biometrics.UNIQUE! Clinical case examples provide practical examples in a succinct compare and contrast format to help you build clinical reasoning skills and learn to apply theory to practice.Full case studies cover all the regions of the body as well as each of the mobility-, trauma-, and psychologically-informed concepts. Discussion questions and answers at the end of each case study and at the end each chapter help you assimilate and use your existing knowledge and help prepare you for the types of critical thinking you will be required to do in practice.UNIQUE! Integrated content builds from foundational concepts, with reinforcement throughout the book using illustrations and explanations of important concepts.UNIQUE! Discussion of broad categories, such as extremes of mobility impairments, types of trauma, and presence of psychological impairments, strengthen your understanding.UNIQUE! Detailed exercise depictions include teaching tips with instruction examples, common errors to correct, and methods to prevent or address compensations.UNIQUE! Workbook format features comprehensive coverage of exercise examples with alternatives and progressions.

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