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"An informative narration of the Los Angeles Lakers professional basketball team's history from its 1947 founding in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to today, spotlighting memorable players and events"--

Wonder (A Wonder Story Vol. 1) Archivos PDF

"Wonder" è la storia di Auggie, nato con una tremenda deformazione facciale, che, dopo anni passati protetto dalla sua famiglia per la prima volta affronta il mondo della...

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The third installment of a fascinating decade-by-decade series, this anthology collects historic New Yorker pieces from the most tumultuous years of the twentieth...

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Nominated for the CILIP Carnegie & Kate Greenaway Children's Book Awards 2018. Uncover the true story of an Egyptian king, and the 20th century explorer who found...

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When her heartthrob, Finn Holms, reveals to 17-year-old Wendy Everly that he isn't human, Wendy learns that she is actually a changeling troll who must be returned to her...

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In March 1980, U.S. Secret Service Agent Tim McCarthy did something no one else has ever done. He took a bullet for the president.The president was Ronald Reagan. Agent...

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Marco Santagata's Dante: The Story of His Life illuminates one of the world's supreme poets from many angles--writer, philosopher, father, courtier, political partisan....

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