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This book is about getting a grip on understanding, detecting and preventing the Financial statement fraud techniques. It has been designed to give SME-Medium size Senior Executives a step by step detailed approach on addressing the matter of financial statement fraud strategically. The landscape of finance has changed a great deal in the recent times, and in this book, we have tried to explain the most common methods of the financial statement fraud techniques, its detection, implication and prevention practices.Financial statement fraud is one of the most complicated fraud types and can have a direct financial impact on the businesses and Senior Executives, as well as harming the investors' confidence in the markets. This book is a practical guide on the different fraud techniques that are used by the perpetrators and the detection guidance for these schemes. Financial Statement Fraud and Detection Strategies describes the most common and emerging type of financial statement frauds, using the real-life cases to illustrate these schemes.The book explains the underlying accounting principles, citing both IFRS and US GAAP that are violated when the fraud is perpetrated. It provides numerous red flags, ratios and other techniques in detecting the financial statement fraud schemesThe book provides comprehensive coverage of various ways in which the financial statement fraud is perpetrated, including those that capitalise on the most recent accounting standards developments, such as fair value issues and revenue recognition.The benefits of this course book are as follows:•The book enables the business executives, business advisors, financial analysts and investors to identify the Financial Statement Fraud and make the business decisions accordingly•Use ratios to analyse Financial Statement Fraud •Apply the fundamental concepts and tools in detecting and preventing the Financial Statement Fraud •Evaluate the corporate governance structure of the firms and examine the interactions, from the governance perspective, between firm management, audit process, and stakeholders•Explain the global Financial Statement Fraud and Detection Strategies, and the suggested corporate governance process experienced by the multinational corporationsThis book adopts a structured presentation style, delivering the concept of the Financial Statement Fraud detection and prevention strategies in a easy to follow through structured approach. Technical terms are introduced and defined in the referencing style, which is used consistently throughout the chapters. No prior accounting experience or background should be assumed of the reader. The following areas will be covered in this course book:1. Classifications of fraud2. Types of Fraud3. Why Fraud is committed4. Understanding the Financial Statement Fraud 5. Various Financial Statement Fraud schemes6. Earning Management Techniques7. Fraudulent Accounting Techniques8. Revenue Recognition Techniques9. Asset Valuation Techniques10. Expense and Liablities Techniques11. Time Lapsing Techniques12. Cut off Techniques13. Improper Disclosures14. The proposed steps to detect and prevent fraudTARGETED USERS•Business Executive and Board Member•SME and Medium size company’s Director and Senior Management•Business Advisors and Management Consultants•Finance and Investment professionals•Business Investors•Fraud detection team•Internal and External Auditors•Investment and financial analysts

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Financial Statement Fraud and Detection Strategies (Financial Statements Book 4) Libro Patria PDF

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