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First published in 1975 "Ghost Railroads of Tennessee" and its sister volumes "Ghost Railroads of Kentucky" and "Ghost Railroads of Indiana" provide the authoritative account of the lines, lore, and legends in the railroad heartland east of the Mississippi. Professor Sulzer introduces us to both the mighty and the humble lines traversing this pivotal railroad state. Here we meet Tennessee's own Nashville & Chattanooga (later called The Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis), and The Tennessee Central. But we also meet the Dummy Line, the Jerkwater, and the Tweetsie. We follow along as 4,078 miles of rail in 1920 dwindle to 2,969 in 1975. As Tennessee's mining and logging resources were depleted the arteries withered and we feel the impact on the many stranded towns and villages.Always the meticulous scholar, Professor Sulzer once received a letter from an irritated colleague: 'How can you state that a rail is the width you give when I can find absolutely no footnote in your article supporting your measurement'? In his telephoned reply Professor Sulzer apologized: 'I'm sorry, but I don't footnote myself. I have a section of that particular rail in my basement'. This is the kind of railroad scholar Professor Sulzer was. He walked miles and miles of abandoned track and talk with the people who made the trains run. He was never a book scholar remote from the object of his love and study. 'Elmer Sulzer's "Ghost Railroads of Tennessee" is the answer to a dream for collectors of railroadiana. A real Tennessee book at the regional level, much research and beautiful art' - Hugh Walker, The Tennessean.

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