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Dastardly danger and disorder!It’s Christmas in D.C., and rookie multimillionaire Anastasia Devlin is given the greatest gift of all—the arrival of her long-lost South African twin siblings, Juliana and Alexander. Of course, instead of gifts, the twins come bearing trouble that even the family’s new fortune can’t fix.Intrigued by a televangelist who builds schools in third-world countries, social activist Juliana has donated her photographic skills to helping the charismatic reverend develop a Christian amusement park. . . Except Julie’s photos inadvertently reveal that the grounds may be a not-so-amusing cemetery for murder victims.When Juliana starts searching for answers and disappears, Alexander and Ana petition the aid of Ana’s former enemy and current lover, Amadeus Graham, the family’s mysterious spy in the attic. Graham, alas, is out Christmas shopping—for a new home—leaving Ana heartbroken and in the lurch without his resources. Can Ana save Christmas, catch a killer, and still keep the one man who understands her too well? ~~~~~~~~~~~~On EVIL GENIUS: "This thought-provoking story includes a convoluted mystery and some fascinating characters. The interactions between Ana and the mysterious Amadeus are delightful. The ending will leave readers longing for more stories about this captivating heroine and her gifted half-siblings." Susan Mobley, RT Book Reviews 4 starsFamily Genius Mysteries in order:Evil Genius #1Undercover Genius #2Cyber Genius #3Twin Genius #4Twisted Genius #5

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This cutting-edge, must-have set introduces readers to some of the most intelligent, successful, and influential thinkers of modern science and technology: Bill Gates, Albert...

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There’s a drug lord corrupting the youth of sleepy Wilton, Indiana — and he’ll get rid of anyone who stands in his way, including an innocent witness. Even a drug-sniffing...

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When fourteen-year-old Ellen Theodora Madigan's dad moves the family to Munich, Germany for his job, her paranormal sensitivity goes into high alert. Almost at once, she...

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Since its inception in November 2013, Author’s United (AU) is committed to produce books of international standards. Its first anthology “A Pinch of Love, Peace and Humanity”...

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