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Thanks to her old college roommate Debbi, Sabhaniah's finding that late night séance of long ago just might be true. All in the name of fun and games her ass!She thought Debi mental, but the crazy part is everything she Debbi predicted was coming true! Werewolves didn’t exist!They couldn’t, because if Nia believed that…then she’d need a padded room. The dreams were even more vivid than when she was a kid, and in every one of them he stood out the most!And most of all…she wanted to know what the hell a Succubus was...Their 350-year riff needed to end at some point, but Ernin couldn’t seem to do it. He loved his brother, more than life itself; but Lye couldn’t get over the fact that he’d gone to work for the Council because of Felicia... Delineate Council is called in to clean up the muck, and both Hugo and Xavier pray…it isn’t their last rites…

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A conclusion to the trilogy that includes Undercurrent finds Vanessa struggling to adjust to her siren identity a year after the events that killed her sister, a circumstance...

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Winner of The Guardian Not The Booker Prize 2017 Nominated to The Edgars 2018 Awards An astonishing and unique novel inspired by the author's own story Vivian is a...

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'Today I shot the girl I love'.GCSE's are over and sixteen-year-old Imogen is looking forward to a perfect, lazy English summer. But her world is turned upside down by three...

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After their electricity has been cut off and there is nothing left to lose, Megan calls her live-in boyfriend over for a little play time in the dark. She realizes that it...

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FROM THE TOP TEN BESTSELLER. New Year's Eve, London. Outside the Hope & Glory pub, a man has been left to die. A victim of extraordinary violence, he will never walk or speak...

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Innkeeper's daughter Jane Heatherington is sold into indentured servitude to cover her father's debts. She's sold to Aidan Warrick, a man whose handsome face and form mock...

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