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First published in 1970. What is a work of art? What is the status of things in pictures and books? How are we to distinguish and ascertain the meaning of a literary work at various levels? This book is intended both to introduce the reader to classic philosophical accounts of art and beauty, and to bring out the significance for aesthetics of recent developments in philosophy.

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Racial Rhapsody: The Aesthetics of Contemporary U.S. Identity aims to explain and to interrogate the disciplinary history according to which literary criticism has come to...

Como Descargar Libros Para Ebook Shadows On The Screen: Tanizaki Jun'ichiro On Cinema And "oriental" Aesthetics

In recent years, the impact of new media and new technologies has renewed interest in the emergence of cinema and film criticism. Yet studies to date have focused almost...

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Law is at the heart of every society, protecting rights, imposing duties, and establishing a framework for the conduct of almost all social, political, and economic activity....

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Introduction to the Accounting Process brings clarity to to the process of setting up an accounting system, including a basic explanation of how to enter numbers into the...

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The Norton Introduction to Literature, Eleventh Edition, is a diverse, flexible, and balanced text that offers the most carefully edited apparatus and the most interesting...

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The analysis of surfactants presents many problems to the analyst. This book has been written by an experienced team of surfactant analysts, to give practical help in this...

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