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ARCHING OVER gathers evocative, provocative poetry of hope, hunger, satisfaction. Incorporating four short “small press” collectibles, Kathleen K. shows that love+sex is timeless and recognizable. This is a bedside reader for the adult mind. Not suitable for some, appreciated by others. Kirkus Reviews (October 2013): "A sprawling collection... that intriguingly lays out a dance of seduction in all of its conceivable steps." SAMPLE 1 - from Your Name Sounds like Yes to Me baby, there isn’t one new thing under the sun so quit promising to show me that i haven’t had it all until i’ve had you i’ve had it all . . . it’s just that i want it again i want your fingerprints on me they’ll be like no one else’s i’ll lay across a bed, face down you can begin by explaining what it is about my ass in tight jeans that excites you so much i’ll work my shirt up over my head so you can see my skin my soft white skin and then i’ll raise up on my elbows i promise not to scream when your hands come around to the front to the tits atop my heart because you’ll be telling me everything you’re going to do to me when you flip me over you will order me to pull down my pants and i will obey you SAMPLE 2 - from I Feel as I Am Felt i don’t know whether to believe you or not when you say you think of me you claim it makes your cock rise as you remember me and things we’ve done do you think i’m going to hush you up when you tell me that even as we speak part of you hardens as part of you softens? don’t i know it? part of you lingers within me still i may be a fool to listen but of all the words you could pick you seem to know which ones will ring in my ear SAMPLE 3 - from MAKE ME TAKE IT LET ME HAVE IT i’m a lily in the pond a dewdrop on the pink rose i’m naked, bathing, lonely … somebody should see this * * * * * it’s tender flesh at the top of the leg way at the top very top … connecting to the bottom responsive to your prodding to your paddling, to your smooch * * * * * your knees force mine far and farther apart you want to see i want to show you where you slide, that you fit how i shine * * * * * sexual trance hypnotized by the rhythm of a waggling finger the tick of time * * * * * passive flesh is nothing to you ahh, the jiggle & the sway the stretch & snap of movement bared or not it’s the quaking that gets you * * * * * SAMPLE 4 - from The Full Kathleen Midnight, we waited for midnight to unwrap ourselves. I will say only that I'm the one who owes for he’s the one who's paid and in this night I pour out gratitude and recognition of unspoken lore between us. It isn't a perfect act of love (no hope). Too primal, intimate – still I weave into this what I want him to know of his strength of his entitlement the many times and ways he exceeded in his mission to be my lover and make me his. With this between us we can bear to part. It was all so true. It's our lives and we lived through it together. __________ Who's been fucking whom, I want to ask him. The eternal question: Who's making what effort? I should have fucked you more, I'd say, I should have been emphatic. He, he knows, had a few things to learn and now he has, thus teaching me. The main thrust of taking him is my own deep need to force myself inside and place myself within like he did to me over and over and under and through (to) __________ To even whisper that we will some day make love makes love. I think about putting my hands in your pockets then forcing down your pants because I could because you'd let me.

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